Janet Bernson, has been using her love for creative expression, ecology, homeopathy & energy medicine as effective tools for making positive personal & global change since the late 1980's.

As author and creator of several popular expressive arts programs which focus on the individual as they relate to the world at large, janet developed these innovative/interdisciplinary programs to teach effective steps to quiet the inner critic so that when utilized, the artist within can feel free to express themselves. When one is in touch with their own creativity, personal limitations can begin to be transformed or dissolved.

Through their participation students creatively address and find solutions to their varied life experiences such as parenting, education, rape, teen dating, domestic violence, homelessness, health, environment and more.

Dynamic presentations of this life-changing work continue to be available on a limited basis (email for information,) in schools, corrections facilities, non-profit organizations and businesses, locally and internationally.

CV  available upon written request.

Please also visit janet's trashformation art site: www.janetbernson.com