To VAX or not to VAX

Monday, July 5, 2021 11:39 AM

No ….I am not an ANTI-VAxxr. Though I do wonder just how many vaccinations we humans have to have to get for our immune systems to do their kick ass job. And No... I have not yet had my COVID vaccination due to health challenges that my doctors suggested I postpone until the test results are in. Matter of fact most are in and It looks like the J & J is a go soon. And that’s a GOOD thing since the latest… the very BAD Delta variant does not look GOOD. But the GOOD news is the J & J appears most resistant to the BAD guy. So providing my what’s up doc appointment coming up in two days provides me with a thumbs up, I’m getting stuck. I’m still gonna be wearing a mask for the foreseeable future, SO THERE.

Obviously from the date of this post you will note i have not been posting for over a year. Well, FYI  i’ve not exactly been sitting on my ass doing NADA. I ain’t bragging but to my surprise I actually managed to read over one hundred books in the first 4 months of lockdown and after that I began writing a novel (more on the title and theme later) which I hope to complete in the coming months. Along with the reading and writing, daughter Julia and I baked and cooked for our unhoused neighbors here in Austin from March 2020 to May 2021 and we are still baking through the Oven Mitt Movement a collective of individuals choosing to make a difference in our community. 

Confidentially during the past year I feared I might've been succumbing to the “who gives a crap” virus. Alas, I did not, it was merely a temporary allergy to the current state of our world which seemed (and still does seem) grim. But as I have said before. There is no shit its just compost and creating helps us to turn that shit into a beautiful, nourished, transformative garden. You might say I’ve been composting a whole lotta societal and personal poop.

The pandemic has provided so many of us the opportunity to change the way we’ve been doing things and ultimately to transform our lives. I’m now looking at new ways to present my workshops and rewriting same to reach more people who are choosing to creatively resolve the challenges they face. 

Plus I’m building a new art studio here at our home in Austin which means, look out…the Trashformation Artist is revving up for the Austin Studio Tour in November so if you’re around Austin mid November you can pop in and see in person (masks please) what I’m up to.

Gotta go. I’ll drop a line or three in the next weeks. Be safe. Be open to new ideas. Embrace change…and of course love.