Going Viral without a Beer

Monday, March 9, 2020 2:21 PM

I’m not ill. Thankfully. Not in the slightest. But, I can tell you I am sick of the widespread INFLUENZA of FEAR that is currently plaguing our society. Should we be afraid of COVID19? In a word no, but then, YES, we should wash our hands a gazillion times, wipe down surfaces where we might eat, not touch our faces and not spread our yucky germs all over the place. And it would also be prudent to not hang out with groups of people who have recently been imbibing vino in Italia or Kung pao in Wuhan, or friends of said people, or their traveling companions, or waitpersons who served them, nor shaking hands with ANYONE (since we don’t know where there hands have been). 

Not being able to meet people from whereever is depressing, since normally, for me, drinking wine in Italy and eating kung pao anything anywhere in China would sound absolutely divine. And I was hoping to go to Italy but on a vacay not an extended stay.

And what's this about Senior Citizens being most at risk of "the not brought on by Corona Beer or Mexicans” virus? Have you thought about the possibility that this might be Mother Earth saying "Fuck You” to some of us Boomers who have been spending a good lot of our lives messing up our environment? Thankfully I do not consider myself one of THOSE people and I sure hope if Mama Gaia has a virus with my name on it that it doesn’t wipe me out, since I wanna vote out as many Repugnicans as I can while I’m alive.

Admittedly I have thoughts of the virus that do wake me up in the middle of the night wondering if I have enough 90Percent alcohol in the house and if there is a pattern for a protective mask I can make that goes with both denim and pearls. Then again upon having my first cup of coffee I realize I have nowhere to go to wear pearls because SXSW was cancelled and I am slightly bereft.

And speaking of viruses I don’t believe this mini-blog will go viral but in the interest of your mental health I do think reading it might be better than the scary stuff we’ve all been seeing elsewhere. And with that I bid you adieu until I feel like writing again. BTW... Live long and perspire.