What I've been up to

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 11:14 AM

Can I tell you that making your own website, even with a relatively idiot-proof program/app/whateveryawannacallit, is a pain in la derrierre!? Well, I just did.

Today I am recreating my The Healing Artist website so it is hopefully more user friendly and that it includes all the info on the new workshops I'm giving here in Austin Texas. It's been an interesting couple of years..

In 2018 I sold my three-husband-house of thirty years...btw the husbands were sequential. Max, the last, being the best...third times the charm, passed away due to fucking cancer in 2012. Grief made me live in slo-mo for a few years after. 

So there I was 68 years old and moving to Texas from LaLaLand. It wasn't culture shock since I'd been commuting back and forth for 20 years- daughter Julia moved to Austin for school, but it was a change.

Shortly after moving my household belongings, plus lab and husky, I found myself midwifing the passing of dear Bucky (husky) dying of goddess knows what - probably old age and living in hot fucking weather. With little time to grieve we soon moved out of Julia's house while it was being remodeled and I quickly got my sh-t together to be part of the East Austin Studio Tour. 

2019 was just registering in my brain when I came down with a case of through the roof high bloodpressure. Many of the conventional quacks (allopathic doctors) here started throwing me drugs to alleviate the symptoms whilst searching for the cause. For me it was an easy answer...Compounded stress from six years of grief, two art shows in 2017, writing two books, preparing to move, moving, death of my dog, moving again, the death of my beloved teacher Aristhaia Cash, moving again, another art show...anyway I'm here now with controlled blood pressure after a year of therapy!

Its funny, I didn't even mention my involvement in a local political action group here, making new wonderful friends, volunteering, making more art, teaching a bit here and there and renewing my interest in improv and voiceover acting, but I suppose that's for a post another day.  In the meantime I'd better get back to work.